Medical Detox in Bristol, PA

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, one of the hardest steps is asking for help. While you can try to remove drugs or alcohol from your system on your own at home, this is usually not successful. When you are addicted, your body craves the substance within hours after your last dose. At a medical detox in Bristol, you are observed carefully for withdrawal symptoms throughout the medical detox process. Once you are at a medical detox treatment facility, you are more likely to withdraw from drugs or alcohol without serious complications.

Understanding the Basics of a Medical Detox in Bristol

The withdrawal process from drugs or alcohol is difficult. A medical detox treatment facility has professional medical staff who will oversee your withdrawal and watch for serious symptoms. When you try to quit drugs or alcohol on your own, your chances of a relapse are high. The medical detox process ensures that your symptoms are kept under control. You will be watched carefully and treated with prescription medications to ease your symptoms. When you try this at home, you may begin using again if the symptoms of withdrawal become too severe.

Withdrawal Symptoms Seen at Medical Detox in Bristol

Your withdrawal symptoms will depend on the substance you are detoxing from, how heavy of a user you are, and how long you have been abusing the substance. If you are withdrawing from opiates, you may experience irritability, shaking, stomach upset, sweating or feeling overwhelmed. While the symptoms of opiate withdrawal are generally not life threatening, to avoid a relapse, addiction aftercare in Bristol is generally necessary.

If you are trying to withdraw from alcohol, the medical detox process is always recommended. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can start out small. You may begin to feel a bit shaky, or irritated. While these symptoms may not seem like a big deal, the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can quickly escalate. You may get so confused if you are at home alone that you don't have the ability to ask for help. Symptoms can lead to delirium tremens, seizures, coma and even death. It is never safe to try and withdraw from alcohol on your own at home.

Why Detox Needs to Occur at a Medical Detox in Bristol

The detoxification process is your first step in recovery, and at home detoxification is not recommended. Your risk of a relapse is high when you try to recover on your own at home. Detox requires support, and the medical detox process will provide you with relief from withdrawal symptoms. At a medical detox treatment facility, your withdrawal process will be carefully managed. You will be safe during the process, and you will be able to ask for help with your symptoms when you need it. If you get really sick during detox, you will be properly supervised to get the help you need. When you are withdrawing from alcohol, it is vital to stay safe and withdraw n a medical detox program.

The Importance of Entering a Medical Detox in Bristol

While you may be nervous about going into a drug rehabilitation facility, this is your first step at a life of sobriety. The reason many people don't go to detox right away is because they don't believe they have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Once you recognize that your addiction is taking over your life, it's time to get the help you deserve. Even when you are worried that others are going to find out about your addiction, you will get your life back faster when you get the help you need.

As an addict, you are doing serious damage to your body the longer you abuse substances. When you get the addiction treatment in Bristol you need to remove drugs or alcohol from your system safely, you are on the right track to living a sober life. While medical detox is the first step in the recovery process, it is the most vital one. Once you complete a detox program safely, you can begin to work on the emotional side of your addiction. You will learn how to prevent a future relapse, and start to build a support network by attending 12-step groups.

As you learn relapse prevention techniques during your recovery process, you will become stronger in your sobriety. Call now for help at (215) 240-8613.

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