Addiction Treatment in Bristol, PA

When you need addiction treatment in Bristol, you may feel as if your life is out of control. Programs for addiction treatment focus on helping you withdraw from drugs safely so that you can move forward and begin the emotional part of the recovery process. At drug rehab, you'll learn about 12-step programs, individual therapy and other ways to build a strong foundation for your sobriety.

Understanding the Need for Addiction Treatment in Bristol

Addiction is the physical and emotional dependence on a substance. When you are addicted to drugs, your body will crave the drugs when you try to stop using. At programs for addiction treatment, the withdrawal process is usually medically-assisted. When your withdrawal symptoms at drug rehab are monitored, you can get treatment for the symptoms with prescription medication. Addiction is not a weakness. Your body becomes so used to the substance you are abusing that you produce significant symptoms if you try to stop. Physical dependence on a substance is difficult to overcome without proper treatment.

Reasons People Need Addiction Treatment in Bristol

There is no one reason why people need programs for addiction treatment because they have become addicted to drugs. At a drug rehab in Bristol, people of all types will be there for treatment. Some people turn to drugs because they have not had guidance. As a child they may have experienced the substance abuse of a parent, and using becomes second nature. Some people begin using drugs as a means of escape from the stress they feel in their life. When an individual has poor coping skills and has to deal with trauma, substances can become the answer. Another reason people become addicted to drugs is after being prescribed prescription pain medications after an injury or surgery. As an opiate, pain medication is highly addictive and can lead to a drug problem if taken for too long. While there is no set reason why people become addicts, those who don't have a support system at home are more likely to continue using if they try an illegal substance.

Why Entering Addiction Treatment in Bristol is Important

Entering drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol is the first step towards living a better life. At programs for addiction treatment, addicts begin the process of recovery one step at a time. The withdrawal process is hard. This is the first step, and one that is usually monitored so that the addict is successful at coming off of the substance they are addicted to. While you may be worried that others will find out about your addiction, letting your life spiral out of control is not the answer either. Drug addiction is a serious illness, and when you allow yourself to get treatment, you are on your way to getting your life back.

Once you decide that you no longer want to live addicted to drugs, it's time to ask for help. The treatment is designed to get you safely off of the drugs you are addicted to first. Once withdrawal is complete, you will begin working with a counselor to determine a plan of treatment for you. If you have a strong support network at home, it may be possible to attend an outpatient program during the day and go home each night.

If you are worried about your sobriety if you return home, you can choose an inpatient treatment program instead. This way, you will have support for your sobriety 24 hours a day without any outside influences from home. When your home life is not conducive to sobriety, this is usually the best option. Once you complete an inpatient program, you can move on to a sober living program.

At sober living, you will meet others who are struggling the same way you are. You will meet friends who will be able to help you along your journey. You will attend 12-step meetings, and you will be able to build up your skills in order to remain sober no matter where you are. Recovery will take time, but if you can commit to your own recovery, you can live a sober life. When you allow others to help you along the path of sobriety, you are giving yourself the chance to be more successful. Call now for help at (215) 240-8613.

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